We proudly import fine wines from small, boutique vineyards primarily in 
Italy and California.  We are committed  to  providing a selection of               
premier wines that you and your customers will enjoy as much as we do.   

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Gran Cuvee, Brut, Pinot Noir

Gran Cuvee, Classic Method -
Brut, Pinot Noir
Oltrepo Pavese
100% Pinot Noir from Oltrepo Pavese.  The grape harvest is done by traditional, hand-picking in the second half of August.  The wine making process is white with soft pressing and fermentation of only 50% of the free-running must extract.  In late Spring, the best Pinot Noirs are obtained from the wine cellar selection and the best vintages are blended and bottled.  This sparkling wine is disgorged at least 42 months after the draft and after a slow fermentation in our historic cellars.  The wine is straw color with hints of apple and almond.  It is dry, fresh and very tasty and lively with persistent perlage.