We proudly import fine wines from small, boutique vineyards primarily in 
Italy and California.  We are committed  to  providing a selection of               
premier wines that you and your customers will enjoy as much as we do.   

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Nebbiolo d'Alba
Cantina Moscone

Made with Nebbiolo grapes grown in vineyards located in Monforte d'Alba.  They are harvested exclusively by hand, from mid October onwards.

Nebbiolo, which means "vine from the mists", is the most representative and eclectic grape variety of Piedmont.  Thanks to the poor and hard soils of Monforte d'Alba, they can get a wine of incomparable elegance, complexity and texture, endowed with a great ageing potential.

The appearance is ruby red with garnet shades.  The bouquet is intense, fine and lingering with hints of delicate fruity notes of blackcurrant, cherry and pomegranate and spicy and ethereal reminds of cinnamon, oaky vanilla, tobacco and underbrush.  The taste is intriguing, warm and full-bodied with rich and refined tannins that keep on arousing senses of distinction and balance.

This wine pairs well with roasted or stewed meats and game.  It also matches perfectly with risottos, polenta and gnocchi.