We proudly import fine wines from small, boutique vineyards primarily in 
Italy and California.  We are committed  to  providing a selection of               
premier wines that you and your customers will enjoy as much as we do.   

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Old Vine Zinfandel Watson Vineyard

Old Vine Zinfandel

Watson Vineyard

Dry Creek Valley

Cast Wines

The Watson Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel is presently showing an intensity and power demonstrating a beautiful concentration of fruit. 

The nose bursts with ripe red raspberries and vanilla.  Our zinfandel is food-friendly and exhibits both raspberries and cherry on the palate with a slight note of anise.    This round, well-balanced, refined wine lingers with sweet smoke on the finish and soft tannins.  One of the most elegant zins you will ever drink.