We proudly import fine wines from small, boutique vineyards primarily in 
Italy and California.  We are committed  to  providing a selection of               
premier wines that you and your customers will enjoy as much as we do.   

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Vinsanto Dessert Wine

65 Lune – Vinsanto

Fattoria Bini

Vinsanto is a sweet dessert wine. The grapes chosen for Vinsanto are harvested by end of September after the grapes have dried up on the plant. Then the grapes are put to dry on traditional wood drying racks.

The grapes are pressed when they are dried at the right level, usually at the end of the winter. They are then fermented for five years in oak and chestnut kegs. At the end of this phase, the various vinsanto varieties are blended and then aged for at least six months in the bottle.

Vinsanto is sweet with rich sugar traces. The bouquet releases complex notes of chestnut flour and tea. It is excellent with dry pastries and ripe cheese. 

The serving temperature is 53-57 degrees Fahrenheit.